DINNOCAP Webinar: Semantic Instruments for Interoperable Cross-Border e-Services

On the 21st of September 2021, DINNOCAP webinar on Semantic Instruments for Interoperable Cross-border eServices will take place.

The scope of discussion on the seminar will be on the following Government to Business e-services: eCMR, KYC and e-Receipt. At the webinar, stakeholders will work in three breakout sessions based on their e-service expertise. They will deliberate and agree on the following issues:

1. The common minimum business, location and personal data sets sufficient for cross border authentication in the delivery of either eCMR, KYC or e-Receipt.

2. The common words (vocabulary) that represent these datasets are sufficient for Cross-border Semantic Interoperability.

3. The common cross-border regulations needed to ensure the security of the dataset.

The webinar serves as a source of input for the development of a List of Instruments outlining the semantic and data security framework required for the delivery of eCMR, KYC and e-receipt services. The list of instruments will be shared with public agencies in charge of the delivery of eCMR, KYC and e-Receipt in the BSR. The list of instruments will also be disseminated at EU forums where there are discussions on the semantic interoperability of e-Services.

Webinar is held in English! Please register HERE.

Agenda for the webinar:

Moderator of the day: Egidijus Skrodenis (Infobalt Lithuania and DINNOCAP WP3 lead)

1. Welcome and introduction to DINNOCAP - Kristi Aruküla (Project manager DINNOCAP)

2. The vision of the Governance Framework - Idongesit Williams (Aalborg University, Denmark)

3. Brief presentation of instruction and task for the break out rooms - Idongesit Williams (Aalborg University, Denmark)

4. Breakout sessions

  • KYC breakout session - coordinator - Rainer Osanik (MKM Estonia)

  • eReceipt breakout session - coordinator - Sirli Heinsoo (MKM Estonia)

  • eCMR breakout session- coordinator - Heiti Mering (MKM Estonia)

5. Plenum and feedback from groups

  • Feedback from Rainer Osanik on the agreed KYC semantic model and data security rules

  • Feedback from Sirli Heinsoo on the agreed on eReceipt semantic model and data security rules

  • Feedback from Heiti Mering on the agreed on eCMR semantic model and data security rules

  • Q&A to the showcase leads.

6. Presentation on next steps - Idongesit Williams (Aalborg University, Denmark)

7. Wrap up.

Please contact Sirli Heinsoo at sirli.heinsoo@mkm.ee (for e-receipt), Rainer Osanik at rainer.osanik@roslaw.ee (for KYC), Heiti Mering at heiti@dlk.ee (for eCMR) and Idongesit Williams at idong@es.aau.dk (for general questions) if you would like to have more information about the webinar.