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Industry 4.0 best practice examples

Digital transformation is a reality in many of the industrial companies in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) and we can learn a lot from each others' experience. For this purpose, we are sharing best practice examples from around BSR in order to demonstrate how sharing knowledge and benefits between the IT and industry sector will lead to innovation.

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How to produce 100,000 sofas and mattresses annually and reduce the delivery time? Software company Flowit OÜ was called in to help automate the administrative processes in Bellus Furniture.


Thanks to robotic process automation (RPA), incoming information is read by a machine interface. Instead of data entry, workers have more time to deal with customer service and actual sales.

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How to meet the global demand for robotics with the help of startups? A Robotics start-up hub was created in Odense Denmark. The hub gives Robotics start-ups free development space and business support. It also provides developers with a low-cost solution for designing, testing, and marketing their products.

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Manufacturing businesses are stranded in today's competitive economy: efficiency must be increased, it's just a matter of understanding how and in what ways. Estonian company Torm Metall has increased the efficiency of the manufacturing process quickly from 35% to 60–70%.

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How can the national initiative enable manufacturing companies to implement and apply new methods and digital technologies?

The Manufacturing Academy of Denmark (MADE) provides networking and knowledge support towards the implementation of new technologies in the production processes of SMEs.

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How to modify innovation concepts to fit local needs and requirements to help small and medium-sized industrial companies in digitalization?


Demobooster is a co-creation platform that matches the digital needs of companies from the manufacturing, process, and service industries with innovative solution providers specialized in software and embedded solutions.

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What are the solutions that could help us to overcome some of the global challenges posed by the crisis and lockdown? There are many Estonian practical solutions for contactless life, which can be implemented all over the world!

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How to provide the digital glass fragmentation test which is accurate, fast, and fits in the pocket? Finnish glass processing industry’s innovation leader Glaston uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality to analyze glass fragmentation patterns in an image.

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How to keep the machines running as much as possible, minimize losses, and increase productivity? 

Estonia’s largest food product manufacturer, HKScan is constantly mapping ways to maximize speed and efficiency to keep production equipment up and running.​

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How to digitalize a new product introduction process by using a 3D scanner? HT Laser is a system and component supplier for global machine building companies and a flexible subcontracting partner for the forest, paper, energy, marine, mining, and other industries.

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How to gain significantly more time in the logistics cycle by upgrading the way you scan information? Swedish company Inseco supplies the manufacturing and process industry with fasteners, seals, bearings, and other mechanical supplies. By upgrading the way they scan information on boxes sent to be refilled from its customers, the company has gained easier and less handling, earlier signals for purchase and control of stock.

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How to provide 100% online notary service for receiving legal advice or electronic authentication of any document in videoconferencing mode? The Council of Sworn Notaries of Latvia creates and maintains the Notaries Information System to provide an online notarial service and other digital services available for society.

Have a look here.

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How to automate the processes from hours to minutes? TePe is a Swedish company that develops, produces, and sells oral hygiene products. With digitalization, the company has drastically improved its efficiency. Operations that took hours have reduced to a few minutes.

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