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Join Us for the International Conference „Making Industry 4.0 Real“

The international conference „Making Industry 4.0 Real“ will take place on 23rd September in Lithuania at LITEXPO and online. The conference is followed by a B2B Matchmaking event on 24 September.

The sixth annual international conference in Lithuania on industrial digitization “Making Industry 4.0 real” will continue sharing the best practices and business cases of industry transformation. The 2021 conference will focus on recent cases of successful business transformations, enhanced by digital technology solutions that influence the level of competitiveness and boost digitalization of the whole industry. Some of this year's conference speakers represent leading international and local companies in the field of Industry 4.0, such as Siemens, Nokia, ABB, Teltonika, SBA Group, and others.

  • What are the challenges that manufacturing companies and other organizations face in keeping up with the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

  • What brings and drives the change forward?

  • How much and what kind of resources it costs?

  • What results are achieved from digitization, robotics, automation, the Internet of Things, and other smart manufacturing solutions?

The closing part of the conference will be the award ceremony of the competition "Industry 4.0 Star in Lithuania 2021". The awards will recognize the most innovative Lithuanian companies in three categories: 1) Small or medium-sized enterprise (evaluation by expert-jury); 2) Large enterprise (evaluation by expert-jury); 3) Public evaluation.

The conference is organized by the Lithuanian engineering industries association LINPRA, Information, and Communication Technologies Association INFOBALT and the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce AHK. In the past years, the conference proved to be a success with close to 500 attendees, incredible networking, and an inspiring lineup of speakers and panelists from Germany, Belgium, Denmark, and Baltic states, who represented Festo, SAP, Hella, Phoenix Contact, Solidworks, Orgalim and other well-known organizations.

Next day a virtual B2B matchmaking sessions will take place on 24th September as the new edition of the conference and will provide an opportunity for participants to meet potential buyers and suppliers, international business cooperation and / or project partners. Find out more and register to the B2B session HERE.

  • Full program and more information on the conference website:

  • The event is free of charge, but registration is required: Register HERE.


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