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DINNOCAP Seminar: Cooperation and Coordination of Digital Policy for Business in the BSR

One of the most important focuses of the Interreg project DINNOCAP is the international cooperation to ensure sustainable development of the Baltic Sea Region. On 11 November 2021, DINNOCAP Russian partner, Association of SMEs Support Centres in Kaliningrad region, organized a national information seminar “Cooperation and Coordination of Digital Policy for Business in the Baltic Sea Macro-Region”.

During the online seminar, international tools for self-assessment of the SME digitalization level were introduced, as well as the importance of awareness about the benefits of the digital sphere was discussed. The event was moderated by Ruslan Gorbunov, Chairman of the Digitalization Committee of the Kaliningrad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Elena Kabakova, Executive Director of the Association of SME Support Centers.

The event was attended by representatives of international organizations and IT companies, partners of the DINNOCAP project, enterprises of the Kaliningrad region, associations of IT companies, organizations of business support infrastructure in the Kaliningrad region. In total, more than 30 people attended the online discussion.

Topics covered:

  • Promotion of the digital economy in the Baltic Sea region

  • State support for the digital transformation of business in the Russian Federation

  • Digitalization of Russian business: an overview of trends and the place of the Kaliningrad region

  • A tool for assessing the digital maturity of enterprises -

  • The importance of awareness for digital transformation

  • Estonian experience, why raise awareness and support enterprise digitalization

The recording of the seminar in Russian is available HERE.


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