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eCMR in the Spotlight

DINNOCAP project and Estonian Logistics Single Window Cluster jointly organized an online seminar 17.02.2021 focusing and highlighting eCMR e-service.

The main goal of the seminar was to introduce recent activities, discussions, and share eCMR news and ongoing projects.

Ulrika Hurt and Tõnis Hintsov as representatives of eCMR stakeholders group did the introduction to the seminar and did an overview of Single Window cluster initiatives.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications did 4 presentations. First, Kristi Talving, deputy secretary of the business and consumer environment department, spoke about the importance of an eCMR from a state point of view putting eCMR to the broader perspective and encouraged the stakeholders to continue developing valuable cross-border e-services that change the sector and economy.

Secondly, Sirli Heinsoo, real-time economy manager introduced the real-time economy concept, flagship initiative, and eCMR and eReceipt showcases as mature transnational e-services. Inna Nosach, the chief specialist, summarized DIGINNO and DIGINNO-proto outcomes as an input to the DINNOCAP extension stage project. Kristi Aruküla, DINNOCAP project manager did an overview of eCMR further activities, prototype development, and next steps during 2021.

Taavi Tõnts from Transport Administration spoke of using digital data sets in road transport and how digital data has entered into public procurements. Ulrika Hurt and Lauri Lusti informed the audience of EU-level discussions in the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum and eFTI regulation. The seminar was concluded by Heiti Mering's eCMR roadmap, which provided an action plan for next years, and LOGxDigi platform service model overviews.

The topics were hot and the seminar reached more than 130 listeners online and the record will be available for listening afterward. The seminar was successful cooperation between DINNOCAP lead partner and the eCMR stakeholders' group.


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